2nd Saami Linguistics Symposium: Conference
From Thursday 19 to Saturday 21 November 2009 we hosted the second workshop on the Saamic (Lapponic) languages at the University of Tromsø.

Invited speakers
Zita McRobbie-Utasi, Simon Fraser University
Pekka Sammallahti, Oulu University
Anna-Riitta Lindgren, UiT

This series of international symposia is meant to cover all the Saamic languages, and seeks to promote contact between specialists in particular Saamic languages and general linguists with an interest in Saamic. We hope the symposia will contribute to increased awareness of ongoing work and accelerate research in the area by facilitating the crystallization of new collaborative projects. We especially encourage younger researchers at the Masters and PhD levels to come and present their work.

In connection with the symposium the Sámi Language Technology Project was organizing a course in Saami lexicography. Read about it here.

Lena Karvovskaya has kindly posted her pictures from the symposium here, and Ryan Johnson has posted some more here. Thanks both!

Kjell Kemi   Ove Lorentz    Bruce Morén-Duolljá    Laila S. Oskarsson
Mikael Svonni    Trond Trosterud