my ph.d. dissertation


title: binarity and ternarity in metrical theory: parametic extensions

author: a tragically messy situation, whereby the work gets cited with any of the following:

"curtis calvin rice"      "curtis c. rice"      "curtis rice"     "curt rice"

i myself have started citing all my work as "curt rice" - but i know that's a far from perfect solution.

year: 1992

institution: university of texas, austin

supervisor: juliette levin

other committee members: armin mester, björn lindblom, tony woodbury, diane schallert

you can order a hard copy of the dissertation from umi (to find it, search on 'curtis rice')

i've scanned in a hard copy, but it's scanned in as a picture, which means it lacks the convenience of being able to search it or of being able to cut and paste. such disadvantages not withstanding, this at least has the merit of making it available, and the table of contents is fairly specific, so that might help you find what you're looking for.

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brief abstract:

this is a pre-optimality theory dissertation about a metrical theory of stress assignment, and it looks especially at cases of alternating ternary rhythm. the most detailed study in the dissertation is about stress and related effects in the chugach dialect of alutiiq.