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i live in tromsø, where i work at the world's northernmost university. my job here is in part to do research in linguistics > generative grammar > morphology and phonology. the other part of my job is to be the director of a research center where we study variation in language. the center is called the center for advanced study in theoretical linguistics, or castl for short. learn more about castl by following the first link at the top of this page. what you can't find there, you might find with the other links. follow them and have a look!


•i'll speak at `spe40' to mark the 40th anniversary of the publication of the sound pattern of english, budapest, aug 23-25.

•i'll speak at the workshop on phonological variation in voicing, leiden, september 11-12.

•i'll speak at gender equality in higher education and research, october 22, berne.

•i'll contribute a chapter on 'ternary rhythm' to the 'companion to phonology' (blackwell).

•sylvia blaho and i presented 'variation (and some change) we can believe in' at phonological variation and language change, flåm, june 12-16.

•castl  hosted a workshop on substance-free phonology, june 5.

labyrint published a short piece by me called 'det språklige mangfold' in their current issue.

•sylvia blaho presented our 'contrastive prosodification and underlying floating segments,' mfm16, manchester, may 22.

•i presented 'good old fashioned constituents' at naphc5 in montreal, may 9-11.

•some of my thoughts about leadership at universities appeared in morgenbladet on april 11.

•marit westergaard and i have an article called barn påvirker språk in the newest labyrint.

•there's a nice article about castl in the newest marg.

•i presented recent work on metrical structure at the castl colloquium on april 10.

•i presented 'how did you do that? om å bygge et sff' at a national mtg for students on university boards (KOF), april 5.

•i spoke at a national seminar on research in education at the university of bergen, april 3.

•trond trosterud & i presented "må datamaskinen kunne grammatikk for å forstå norsk?" at norges tekniske vitenskapsakademi, oslo, april 2.

steven pinker came around for a party or two. read more! march 28-29. [his pictures]

•i spoke at the 'academy of lifelong learning' on planet earth's linguistic situation, minnesota, march 11.

•î spoke at ocp5 on my recent work on metrical structure, toulouse, january 24-26.

•i addressed old and new directors of centres of excellence on 'forutsetninger for å lykkes', oslo, january 17.

•my comments on the internationalization of norwegian research appeared in aftenposten november 14.

•michal starke and i presented 'beyond open access' at drivkrefter i vitenskapelig publisering, tromsø, november 14.

•i spoke on the status of research in norway at the 50th anniversary of uhr, oslo, november 13.

•i spoke at another nordforsk network seminar on network building, oslo, october 10.

*i presented the task force on research's results on the fusion of uit and hitø at an open meeting, september 25.


scientific articles:

•under revision. prosodic v2 in northern norwegian (w/ peter svenonius). j. comp. germ. linguistics.

•2007. gaps and repairs at the phonology-morphology interface. journal of linguistics 43.1.

•2007. the roles of gen & con in modeling ternary rhythm. in freedom of analysis?  in sylvia blaho, patrik bye, and martin krämer (eds.). berlin: mouton de gruyter. 233-255.

•2006. paradigms in phonological theory, downing, hall and raffelsiefen (eds.), review article. language 82.4.

•2006. optimizing gender, lingua 116:1394-1417.

•2006. norwegian stress and quantity: implications of loanwords, lingua 116: 1171-1194.

•2005. optimal gaps in optimal paradigms, catalan journal of linguistics 4:155-170.

•2005. optimizing russian gender: a preliminary analysis. in formal approaches to slavic linguistics 13: the south carolina meeting, pp. 265-275, ed. steven franks, frank y. gladney and mila tasseva-kurktchieva. ann arbor, mi: michigan slavic publications.


more linguistics:

•2006. the convergence of the unmarked. w/ d. steinmetz. amsterdam gender colloquium, september 15-16.

•2006. what is and what should never be: ungrammaticality in g and ug. naphc4 keynote. [slides]

•2006. the syllable in optimality theory, by c. féry and r. van de vijver (eds.), book notice language 82.4.

•2006. word: a cross-linguistic typology, by r.m.w. dixon & a.y. aikhenvald (eds). book notice. language 82.4.

•2006. introduction, lingua 116.9. (with hans-olav enger and tore nesset).

•2006. nothing is a phonological fact: gaps and repairs at the phonology-morphology interface, nels 36. [slides]

•2005. development in prosodic systems, p. fikkert & h. jacobs (eds.). book notice. language 81.2, 522-23.

•2005. to open the new exhibit about language at tromsø museum, i held this speech, november 14.

•2005. introduction, nordic journal of linguistics (with øystein alexander vangsnes). 28.2:149-152.

•2005. the text of my freedom of analysis workshop talk, tromsø, september 1-2. [abstract]

•2005. the handout from my mfm13 talk, nothing is a phonological fact, manchester, may 26-28.

op-ed pieces and popularization:

•2008. når lederen ikke kan lede. morgenbladet, april 11, 2008.

•2008. barn påvirker språk with marit westergaard. labyrint, february, 2008.

•2007. din dialekt er viktig! with øystein a. vagsnes. labyrint, december, 2007.

*2007. når forskere lykkes, aftenposten, november 14, 2007.

•2007. ny type institusjon i tromsø,  morgenbladet, october 12, 2007.

•2007. hvordan vite om en postdoc har blitt professor? forskerforum, 4/2007.

•2007. eliteuniversitet gjennom intern organisering, morgenbladet, march 2, 2007.

•2005. språkstriden i skolen, nordlys, november 15, 2005.

•2005. (3+2)+3 er ikke like 3+(2+3): jakten på forskerutdanning i verdensklasse, forskerforum 8/2005.

•2003. når vi mister språket, nordlys, september 26, 2003.

•2002. forskning og formidling, nordlys, september 20, 2002.

•2002. passiv språklæring, dag og tid, july 20, 2002.